Differences Between Prop and Stilt Roots

What is the Differences between Prop and Stilt Roots

  Prop Roots Stilt Roots
1 These type of roots develop from horizonal branched stems. These type develop from basal part of the main stem or from nodes of some monocotyledonous plants.
2 These are long stout and pillar like structure that run vertically down and enter into the soil. These are short roots that grow obliquety. The lower roots touch the soil.
3 When young and remain hanging they absorb moisture with the help of velamen and when they touch the soil they provide support to the heavy horizonal branches. The stilt roots of screwpinc (Pandenus) which are produced at the basal part of the stem and of those monocots in which these are produced near the soil are meant for mechanical support to the stem.
4 Prop roots are produced mainly by plants like banyan (Ficus bengalensis) Stilt roots are produced by many herbs aad shrubs.These are common in maize and sugarcene.

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