Difference between Stomata and Hydathode – AtoZ Biology

Difference between Stomata and Hydathode

Stomata Hydathode
1. These are present in the epidermis of leaves and young parts of the stem. 1. These are present at the tips and margins of leaves.
2.These are surrounded by chlorophyll-bearing cells called guard cells. 2.These are surrounded by non-chlorophyllous cells.
3. Stomatal cavity is found below each stomata. 3. A mass of loosely arranged epithem is found behind each hydathode.
4. There may be subsidiary cells surrounding each stomata. 4.There are no subsidiary cells.
5. A stoma is not directly connected with veins. 5. These are found at the vein ends.
6. Opening and closing are regulated by guard cells. 6. No such regulatory mechanism exists.
7. Stomata give off the water in the form of vapour. 7. Hydathode gives off water in liquid form.

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