What do you mean by Physiology?

What do you mean by Physiology? Ans: As per dictionary it means the branch of the biological sciences dealing with the functioning of organisms. The term ‘physiology’ originated from a Greek root Physiologikos’ means discourse on natural knowledge.It was introduced by the French physician Jean Fennel in 1552. William Harvey (1578-1657) is called as the … Read more

Tissue and Organ Transplantation

TISSUE AND ORGAN TRANSPLANTATION Replacement of diseased or injured organs or tissues by surgery is an important endeavour of modern medical science. Kidney and cornea transplantation and skin grafting are now widely practised. Attempt was made to transplant heart in 1967 which resulted in partial success. Since then attempt to transplant lungs and liver have … Read more

What is Solar Energy? Which are the Benefits of Solar Energy?

What is Solar Energy? In sun, the nuclear reaction converts hydrogen atom to helium atom and by doing so radiant energy is produced. This radiant energy passes through space as electromagnetic spectrum (wavelength of 380 nm -760 nm). The electromagnetic radiation is composed of small packets of energy called photons or quanta. These photons or … Read more

What is allergy?

ALLERGY Allergy is defined as altered reaction to the antigen antibody interaction in a person Who is hypersensitive to an offending substance. Allergy is therefore also called hypersensitivity. A person may be hypersensitive to a variety of substances such as chemicals, dust, pollen-grain, hay, fungal spore, fungal hyphae etc. A person who is sensitive to … Read more

What is Biology? What are the Branches of Biology?

What is Biology? What are the Branches of Biology? One of the branches of science is biology. So that the biological and life-related research is done. It also includes discussion of their structure, growth, evolution, classification. Modern biology is a very broad field, which has many branches-subdivisions. In modern biology, cells are the main unit … Read more

What is DNA or Gene Cloning & Molecular cloning?

Gene cloning is a new breakthrough in getting a gene that is needed for human life. Gene cloning includes a series of processes to isolate specific DNA fragments from an organism’s genome, determine DNA sequences, form Recombinant DNA molecules, and target gene expression in host cells. Genes or molecular clones, meaning groups of copies of … Read more